• Cost of Education:

    • Tuition is $17,500

    • Applicaton Fee is $100

    Course Mission:

    • To Prepare each Cosmetology student to become a successful Cosmetologist.

    • To teach our Cosmetology students not only the basics of Cosmetology and the most advanced techniques in the field, but also the methods of providing exemplary customer service to clients.

    • To prepare each Cosmetology student for the SC State Board Examination.

    • To give each Cosmetology student the opportunity to train and compete in hair styling competitions.

    Satisfactory Progress:

    Teachers keep daily progress records for each student, and students receive copies of monthly summaries of the progress reports. Charleston Cosmetology Institute uses the following grading system:














    Below 75


    Periodic examinations are part of the evaluation procedures in all courses. Students must complete the training in no more than 1 1/4 times the normal time necessary to complete the program to be considered in satisfactory progress.


    Course Requirements for Completion:

    • Complete 1,500 hours of training.

    • Maintain a passing score of or better to receive school's diploma and to be eligible for the State Board Examination.

    • Pass school's final examination.

    • Pay all tuition and other fees in full before completing 1,400 of the 1,500 hour course.

    • Take and pass a written practical exam to become licensed by the State Board as a Cosmetologist.

    Daytime Cosmetology Classes & Daytime Nails Classes begin six times a year. Daytime Esthetics Classes begin three times a year.

    Start Date Classes Available
    Jan 29th Cosmetology & Nails
    Mar 26th Cosmetology, Nails & Esthetics
    May 28th Cosmetology & Nails
    July 30th Cosmetology, Nails & Esthetics
    Sept 24th Cosmetology & Nails
    Nov 26th Cosmetology, Nails & Esthetics

    Evening Cosmetology Classes begin six times a year. Evening Esthetics Classes begin two times a year.

    Start Date Classes Available
    Jan 28th Esthetics
    Feb 25th Cosmetology
    Apr 29th Cosmetology
    Jun 24th Cosmetology
    Aug 26th Cosmetology & Esthetics
    Oct 28th Cosmetology
    Dec 16th Cosmetology

    Gainful Employment Disclosure